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Holistic Therapies

This is an approach that deals with the whole of you: body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Body Works (massage, Kinesiology and Acupuncture/Acupressure). Energy Therapies (Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing and Spiritual healing). 

Remedial massage is massage that makes joints more mobile and helps repair damaged tissue.

Used to treat injuries, muscle cramps, whiplash, muscular atrophy, fibro myalgia, frozen shoulder…..etc.

Sports massage is used before exercise and after it too, to enhance your performance. It can help sort out aches, a general niggle, any muscular discomfort or pain by calming the nervous system and sorting out muscle strains.

Helps with any: back, neck, shoulders, sports injuries, any muscle pain, tension or tennis/golfers elbow. It helps improve muscle balance, tissue repair and reduces muscle and joint pain.        

It improves muscle performance, flexibility and range of motion. Mentally improves rest and better sleep.

The massage before exercise improves your performance during your sport activity; but a post massage will rid muscle of waste products. It is recommended that you drink a glass of water after a massage to get rid of toxins that are ready to be flushed out now.

Deep Tissue Massage is when deeper layers of muscles need to be worked.    

The gluteus (buttocks), the piriformis is beneath buttocks and helps hip rotate, the rhomboids minor and major between shoulder blades, the traps (long triangle muscle from shoulder blade to neck) and erectors muscles on both sides of spine are ideally massaged this way. It realigns deep layers of muscle with their surrounding connective tissue and breaks bands of adhesions that form deep in muscles.

Helps: reduce inflammation at injury sites, reduces pain and increases serotonin (happy feel hormone) and improves your mood too. Alleviates osteoarthritis pain and breaks down scar tissue and gets rid of “knots”, adhesions (bands of tissue that is rigid and painful)   

Active Resistance stretching is stretching the hamstrings (three muscles behind upper leg), the quads (four muscles in front of upper leg) and pelvic alignment. This keeps muscles flexible, strong and prevents muscles from shortening and getting tight.

Pressure Point Therapy is all about trigger points/tender points on muscles which cause pain somewhere else in the body, often caused by over use of muscles in that area. Once the stain is lessened then oxygen and nutrients return to this area and pain and strain disappear. It takes a few sessions spaced every three days apart, to sort it out.    


Swedish massage is used to release tension and help you relax, whilst it warms your muscles. It has long strokes that return blood back to your heart.

Helps: increases oxygen levels in blood, decrease muscle toxins; increases amount of lymphocytes to boost the immune system, decreases cortisol, the stress hormone and ease any muscle tension. It relaxes you emotionally and physically too.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage is used to decrease lymphedema, reduce: swelling and sinus congestion, relieve headaches, boost energy, circulate lymph fluids to get rid of toxins, lactic acid and boost the immune system. This massage focuses on the lymph system and feels so soothing. Deep belly breathing stimulates the lymph system and the vagus nerve that runs from the head down the neck through the chest and to the colon. The vagus nerve helps you to relax, de-stress and speeds up healing too.   

Hot Stone Massage is a light massage but heat of the stones raises body temperature, this is ideal in winter. Warm stones are placed on body then used to massage body. It improves detoxification, removes lactic acid from muscles, helps lymph move efficiently and removes toxic waste.

Reflexology is the application of pressure to reflex points on the feet, or the hands or the ears. Acupressure is a form of Acupuncture it is used to stimulate the body’s energy flow. It boosts the 12 main bi-lateral meridians and the central nervous system and to 10 zones in the body. It helps the body to self heal better by unblocking and boosting the vital energy in the meridians which is vital for health.

I have seen it prevent muscle atrophy in bed ridden patients or those in a coma. It relaxes muscle so impressively, stress just melts away! It is most effective if done every three days when conditions are acute and once a week if condition is minor. A course of 5-10 is best and once a month thereafter.   

Spiritual/Energy healing is lying of the hands, it can done in person i.e. directly or sent mentally (person absent) it helps balance the energies in your body, mind, emotions and in your spirit.

Healing energy comes from God/The Universal Source/The Devine Source of life and not from the healer and is directed to the patient It speeds up healing in the body, brings harmony to emotions, mind, soul and your spirit, as has been scientifically proven. Balances and unblocks the chakras so that they work in harmony with each other (energy centres that feed the meridians with energy). The aura is the energy field that surrounds your body in an egg shape of light, healing clears dark spots, repairs holes, cracks, thinning and seals negative chords to replenish and maintain your vital life force, so that you stay healthy. Space clearing is the healing of your home or office, because it has become emotionally toxic due to, too much disharmony. This lifts and clears the vibrations of this place again.

Soul healing is needed if you need to face fears/emotions/the past, have addictions and feel disconnected or empty. A course of 5-10 is best and once a month thereafter.   

Aromatherapy/CBD therapy/Homeopathic Aromatherapy Complexes Massage

Is a combination of massage techniques

to sooth the body, but the oil used is a carrier oil (almond oil) and only a few drops of essential oils are added (Example of essential oils are: Fir Balsam, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Lavender, Orange, Sandal Wood, Peppermint, Hemp, Cannabis…etc.) these are chosen to bring certain effects e.g. de-stress, anti-inflammation, energy boost, anti-depression…etc. The aromas add an extra dimension to your relaxation. 

Full Body Sugar Scrub/exfoliation is done by rubbing a sugar scrub mixture all over the body, the scrub is especially made by me (100 % pure and great quality ingredients are used to avoid allergies) and it is so pampering! It removes old and dead skin. It prevents ingrown hairs. It leaves the skin smooth, soft, vibrant, fresh, glowing, moisturised and hydrated too. 

Manscaping can be done with a body grooming machine to trim or shave body hairs on a man’s body. There’s nothing sexier than a well cared for man. I am also a male Esthetician specializing in waxing this is also an ideal method, which lasts longer and lessen hair growth too. It makes the body more presentable, fresh, feel smoother and cleaner. Areas done are whole body: brows, nose, ears, back, bum, crack, sack, and the pubic area ….etc. Pre and post care tips will be given to you before and after your session. Male waxing term for a Brazilian wax is a Manzilian and Hollywood/Barby is Ken.          

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